Agenda at a Glance

The way we work has changed. We've adapted, accelerated and became more agile for the betterment of our organizations.

The 2022 Annual Conference Advisory Committee is committed to evolving the conference to meet the needs of today's legal marketer, which are inherently different for from one to the next. To create an inclusive, safe experience that provides a diversity of offerings to choose from, we fully revamped our approach to the conference agenda.

Back by Popular Demand: the Adaptive Agenda

With LMA's Adaptive Agenda, you will have the flexibility and power to mold your 2022 LMA Annual Conference experience to exactly what you need it to be — whether you're two years into your career or 20.

This personalized approach puts the power in your hands to choose the session or experience that will be most beneficial to your needs at every point of the day. These include opportunities to help you stretch to your next professional opportunity through education, experiences that help you look beyond your expectations and refocus on your own well-being and the well-being of others, and ever-important opportunities to come together with colleagues, partners, providers and friends.

Here are just a few different ways attendees may look to create their personal experience at #LMA22:

  • If you're committed to getting as much education out of the conference as possible, you can double down on breakout sessions, topic-based networking meetups and facilitated discussion sessions (Pro Tip: Extend your education further by participating a pre-conference program. Details are coming soon.).
  • If LMA's conference is your number one place to do business or connect with friends and colleagues that one time a year, you can leverage the Marketplace and networking activities to the nth degree.
  • If you're somewhere in between and could also use some "me time," you can mix up your schedule to include well-being experiences and/or CSR activities to give back.

This conference is for us to Stretch Beyond, Together. 

The agenda is subject to change. The specific sessions, speakers and well-being, CSR and networking opportunities will be shared on a rolling basis beginning in early 2022.